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What Is The Difference Between A Dietitian And A Nutritionist?

A dietitian is someone who has completed an approved and accredited undergraduate degree in nutrition, and a supervised internship consisting of at least 1200 practice hours at accredited sites to include food service, community, hospital/clinical, outpatient, and wellness experience. Dietitians must also pass the national registration exam administered by Commission on Dietetic Registration. Dietitians also must submit a professional development portfolio every 5 years and complete at least 75 continuing education hours within that period. Dietitians may use the accredited title "Registered Dietitian" (RD) or "Registered Dietitian Nutritionist" (RDN).

A "nutritionist" is anyone who fancies themselves as an expert or who wants to identify themselves in that way. There is no standard education or qualifications required to use the term "nutritionist."

How Do I Book A Service?

You may click the "book" button on the coaching page. Then you can schedule your session on the "scheduling" page. You can also contact us if you can't find a time that works for you.

How Do I Schedule A Session?

If you are a new client, book a service first, then schedule your session by picking the date/time that works for you on the scheduling tab. Existing clients may schedule through their Practice Better app or contact NBN to schedule.

How Do You Keep My Information Private?

NBN uses the HIPPAA-compliant EMR platform, Practice Better, for all sessions, charting, faxing and support. In the case of email communication, we also use a HIPPAA-complaint email package from G-Suite.

Do You Accept My Insurance?

Medicare and some insurance plans do provide coverage and reimbursement for some dietitian appointments. Please contact your insurance company directly. Nutrition By Natalie does not file the paperwork for you.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on services. However, we can apply your credit towards services or products you may wish to purchase in the future.

No-Show Fee

Scheduling a session holds that time for you and prevents others from scheduling that time. For this reason, NBN charges a $25 no-show fee for those who miss their session without a 24-hour notice.

Financial Disclosure

Products and services that I recommend I do so because I believe they are the best ones available to support your health journey. Some I may receive compensation for, others I do not. I will never recommend or accept compensation for products or services that don't align with my core nutrition philosophy. For any endorsements or sponsorships, financial disclosure will be clear and visible and follow all Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Any compensation I do receive helps to further Nutrition By Natalie's outreach.

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