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Addiction Group

Alcohol Rehab Help

Free Rehab Centers (Texas)

The Recovery Village Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs and Mental Health Support


Allergic Living magazine and website

Allergy Eats app

Safe Eats Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Kids with Food Allergies



All products scored 1-3 by EWG Skin Deep

(low in carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals)

Beautycounter* (EWG Verified)


Children & Environmental Toxins*

Grit by Angela Duckworth

The End of Alzheimer's* by Dr. Dale Bredesen


Minimalist Baker

Oh My Veggies

Pinch of Yum

Oh She Glows

Love and Lemons

Summer Tomato


Based in Austin & Surrounding Areas

Constant Feathers (handmade leather and feather jewelry)

Life-Force Fitness (training studio in Round Rock)

Remnant Studios (non-profit making ceramic pottery, jewelry and more in Austin, benefiting organizations fighting child trafficking)

Renaissance Well Fitness (all-in-one health company - massage, chef services, fitness)


All products rated A-B by EWG

(low in carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals)


Dishwashing (Attitude Automatic Dish Detergent,  Seventh Generation* - packs or powder, not liquid, Whole Foods Market automatic dishwashing detergent)

Floors (Earth Friendly, Eco-Me*, Martha Stewart Clean Wood)

Laundry (Molly's Suds*,  Seventh Generation Bleach*, wool dryer balls*)

Multi-purpose (Arm&Hammer baking soda, Attitude Cleaners,* distilled white vinegar, Dr. Bonner's,* Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day*, Whole Foods Market All-Purpose Cleaner)


The Mesothelioma Center (nutrition for Asbestos exposure)

International Agency for Research on Cancer (Nutrition Section)


Power Foods*

The Food Lab*

Deceptively Delicious* (kid-friendly)


Inspiralize Everything*

The Foodie Bar Way* (plant-based)

The New Milks*

The Sneaky Chef* (kid-friendly)

The Whole 30*



Foodist Kitchen

Jaime Oliver Cookery School

Super Healthy Kids

The Kitch'n

The Food Lab*


DietMenus (customized restaurant menu items based on your diet preferences and/or allergies)


Bees Wrap* (healthy alternative to plastic food wrap)

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor*

Instapot Multi-Cookers*

Indoor Grill*

Slow Cooker (or use Instapot)

Rice Cooker (or use Instapot)


KitchenAid Mixer Spiralizer Attachment*

Le Creuset cookware*

Santoku Knife

Silicone bakeware* (Pantry Essentials)



Consumer Lab

Environmental Working Group




Allergy Bedding Covers

Food Storage: glass containers with lids (Glasslock*, Pyrex* or wide-mouthed Mason jars with plastic lids*)


Internet Advisor (internet access guide for parents)


Farmhouse Delivery*: Use coupon code "NBN" for waived sign up fee. (Austin, Dallas & Houston)

Farm Fresh To You (California)

Local Harvest


Cooksmarts (regular, gluten-free, paleo & veg options)

Happy Herbivore (plant-based meal plans)

Instacart (grocery delivery)

Once A Month Meals

Plan to Eat*


Blue Apron

Green Chef

Hello Fresh*


Sun Basket*


Single Mothers Financial Assistance


Dr. Oz

Found My Fitness, by Rhonda Patrick, PhD

Kwik Brain

Model Health

The Drive, by Peter Attia, MD


Aim for 50% produce at snacks, and just a few familiar ingredients to avoid excessive processing

Bars: RxBar*, Larabar*, Epic*, Pressed by Kind*, or That's It*

Chips / Salty & Crunchy: Beanitos*, Beanitos Baked Mac N' Cheese Puffs*, Hippeas, Food Should Taste Good*, Plantain Chips; Dehydrated seaweed, Biena dehydrated chickpeas*, flavored peas, roasted, salted pumpkin/sunflower seeds, Kala* bean snacks, Quinn popcorn*

Fermented:  Sauerkraut, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, Kimchi

Homemade: No sugar added cookies, sweet potato date brownies, flavored & baked chickpeas/beans, kale chips, GF vegan cornbread

Pickled: Olives, Pickles, Escabeche, Okra

Planned/Prepared: Unsweet Greek yogurt + berries; cultured cottage cheese + fruit; baby carrots, sweet peppers, snap peas, snow peas, green beans, broccoli or cauliflower with hummus; apple or celery sticks with almond butter; boiled egg + fruit; almonds/pistachios + berries



Amino Acids (Bragg's or Coconut)

Applesauce: organic

Butter: grass-fed or vegan (Kerrygold, Earth Balance)

Cheese: sharp cheddar, Baby Bel, feta

Eggs: pastured

Hempseed (Nutiva*)

Honey: local

Hot Sauces (Yellowbird*, Frank's Original Buffalo*Tabasco & Sriracha)

Hummus (homemade or Grandma's)

Maple Syrup: organic

Mayo, vegan (Just Mayo* or Fabanaise*)

Milk: Flax + Protein (Good Karma), Almond (organic) or Hemp, all unsweetened

Nut-free Butter (Sneaky Chef*, Once Again*)

Nut Butter (SuperFat)


Produce: organic berries, baby spinach and other greens, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, lemons, limes, others

Seeds: hemp (Nutiva)

Smoked Salmon

Sunflower Seed Butter (Once Again*)

Tahini Paste

Tamari Sauce: GF

Yogurt: organic/grass-fed Greek (Siggi)



Breakfast: Homemade & GF Muffins/Waffles/Pancakes/Crustless Egg Quiches

Breads: sprouted whole grain breads, corn tortillas

Fish: wild salmon, halibut, snapper, shrimp

Flours (if not used quickly or preservative-free): whole cornmeal, GF blends, whole grains, and seed flour (Guiltless Superfoods)

Meat: whole organic chickens, ground turkey/bison

Nuts/seeds, raw: pecans, almonds, walnuts, flaxseed

Produce: mixed berries, bananas, cherries, blueberries, peas, shredded cabbage, dark leafy greens


Bars (RxBar*, Larabar*, Pressed by Kind*, Health Warrior, or homemade)

Bread: Sprouted (Ezekiel, Alpine Valley)

Bread: Gluten Free (GF) - Bread Srsly, Schar & homemade

Beans/Lentils/Peas: canned low sodium, dried

Cereal: GF (Qia Superflakes*), Muesli

Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce (San Marcos*)

Chips (Beanitos*, plantain chips, organic corn chips)

Chocolate: does not contain dairy or nuts (Guittard 63% Extra Dark Chocolate Chips, Endangered Species, Alter Eco Dark Quinoa, Little Secrets Classic Dark Candies*)

Coconut: unsweetened shredded, flakes, canned full fat, cream (Trader Joes or Thai Kitchen Organic)

Dried Fruit: Prunes, Apricots, Raisins

Fish: Sardines (Season brand* - amazon and Costco), Canned light tuna (avoid Ahi, Yellowfin and Albacore due to high mercury), Wild salmon

Flours: GF, Chickpea, Buckwheat, Nut (Bob's Red Mill* & Trader Joe's)

Granola & Muesli (Bob's Red Mill*, No-Grain-Ola, or homemade)

Grains: Picky Oats Performance Oats*, quick-cooking steel-cut (Bob's Red Mill), quinoa, wild rice

Flavored Vinegars (Con Olio)

Hot Sauces

Kathleen's Bean Soup Cups


Noodles, Soba or Rice: GF (Assie Glass Noodles* (100% sweet potato starch), or King Soba*)

Nuts/seeds: Roasted/salted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, almonds

Oats: Picky Oats Performance Oats*, quick-cooking steel-cut (Bob's Red Mill)

Oils: Avocado, Olive, Coconut (Nutiva*), Sesame

Pasta: Gluten-free (Jovial* brown rice, Tinkyada* brown rice, BGreen* millet/buckwheat, Al Dente* white bean, Banza* chickpea, Tolerant* (favorite))

Pickled Vegetables: olives, okra & others

Produce: Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Tomatoes

Pumpkin: canned

Roasted Crunchy Chickpeas (Biena*, Simply Balanced or Saffron Road*)


Seaweed Snacks

Seeds: roasted sunflower, roasted pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flaxseed

Spices (Savory Spice Shop)

Stock: chicken, vegetable

Tomatoes: diced, canned

Vinegars & Oils Organic, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's*), various (Con Olio)


(ingredients only, check for cross-contamination)

Bars: Epic*, Pressed by Kind*, or That's It*

Chips: Beanitos, Plantain chips

Coconut: Coconut flakes, Coconut aminos

Dairy Milk Alternatives: Good Karma flax milk with protein, organic almond milk, Oatly oatmilk, Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almond

Dairy Cream Cheese Alternatives: Miyokos (cashew cream cheese), Kite Hill (almond cheese), GoVeggie  (nut-free cream cheese alternative)

Dairy Cheese Alternatives: VioLife, Daiya Mozzarella-Style Shreds

Fruit: raw, dried, frozen

Pasta: Schar, Tolerant or Assie Glass Noodles*

Planned/Prepared: coconut yogurt + fruit + seeds; hummus + raw veggies; GF bread with Once Again sunflower seed butter and jelly; smoothies; Schar crackers + hummus; Cinnamon applesauce; 

Protein powders (see supplements below)

Salty Snacks: Dehydrated seaweed, Biena dehydrated chickpeas, flavored peas, olives, pickled okra, Roasted, salted pumpkin/sunflower seeds, chips, Kala* bean snacks

Sweet Snacks: fruit, Enjoy Life chocolate, Pressed by KIND, Annie's fruit snacks

Veggies: raw with hummus


Brain: Migraine Stop

CoQ10: Viva Labs* Ultra Strength Softgels, Nutrigold, Vitacost

Digestive Enzymes: Enzymedica*

Fiber: Fiber Advance* Gummies for adults or kids (prebiotic chicory root), Benefiber* (wheat dextrin prebiotic, gluten-free)

MV: Smarty Pants* (adults, prenatal, kids, and complete options with omega-3s and fiber)

Omega-3's/Fish Oil: Barlean's* Fresh Catch Fish Oil (liquid),  Spectrum Vegetarian DHA (algae), Ora Organic Omega-3 Spray* (vegan), Ovega-3 Plant-based Omega-3's*, Source Naturals Vegan True* (vegan), Spectrum Essentials Prenatal DHA*, Viva Naturals* Ultra Strength Softgels

Probiotics: VSL#3* (112.5 billion)Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics (70 billion)*, or Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Once Daily Women's/Men's* (50 billion), Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Kids* (5 billion with probiotics), Orthomolecular Orthobiotic (22 billion, contains Saccharomyces boulardii)

Protein Powders: Plant Fusion* (Organic Plant Protein (top 8 free), Complete, or Phood), Thorne* (Medi-Pro or Medi-Clear), Collagen protein/peptides - grass-fed and pasture-raised (Ancient Nutrition Multi, Vital Proteins* or Collagen DNA*)

Turmeric (bio-available): NutriGold* and Pure Encapsulations CurcumaSorb* or Curcumin 500 with BioPerine* or Thorne Meriva 500-SR*

Vitamin D: Source Naturals Vitamin D3* liquid drops or capsules (250 IU per drop or 1000-5000 IU per capsule), Thorne Research Vitamin D* liquid drops (500 IU per drop)


Travel Guides, Tips, Resources

Love Holidays: A Guide To Traveling As A Vegan