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Everyone deserves better!

 Your skin is your largest, most absorptive organ!

Think about all the soaps, sprays, lotions & potions, makeups, shampoos, and other products you have used over the years. Most people admit to not knowing much about what they are lathering on or sudsing up EVERY DAY. Finally, science has been able to shed light on how unregulated carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (like parabens, phthalates, retinol, etc.) present in common skincare and cosmetic products in the US affect our health. And it's not pretty. Read my article on Toxic Load: Cosmetics and Disease for more.

And I had my own struggle too. After years of battling chronic eye inflammation and trying 20+ brands of cosmetics and skin care, I had just about given up on my hopes of taking care of my skin, wearing make up AND my eyes feeling normal. Until I found Beautycounter. Finally a company that matched my health philosophy by excluding dangerous or questionable ingredients, donated to organizations I believed in and was a brand I could feel confident in using myself and recommending to my family, friends, clients and patients. 

Thanks to Beautycounter, you don't have to compromise your health for the sake of your beauty!


Browse, order and enjoy high-quality safer products that work!

Dry or combo skin? You'll love the Nourishing or  Countermatch collection.

Looking for anti-aging? Rejuvenating collection all the way!

Need some sun-protection? Check out the sun stick (great under moisturizer!), SPF tint moisturizer called Dew Skin or the sunscreen.


For a $29 annual Band of Beauty membership, you can enjoy:


  • free shipping on orders over $100

  • 15% back for future purchases

  • access to member-only sales and deals

  • free mini consults with a dietitian to help you navigate taking better care of your skin!


Are you interested in how to improve the health, skincare, and beauty for yourself, your family and others while enjoying the financial perks of joining a reputable B-corp?

Message me below to schedule an interview to see if you're a good fit.

3 ways to enjoy Beautycounter


All products abide by Beautycounter's Never List and exclude 1500+ harmful or questionable ingredients.

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