And The Best Diet Is....?

Despite the new and exciting research being published everyday and the plethora of information we have access to in a few clicks of a button, nutrition is more confusing to most people than at any other time in history. The majority of my clients relay some kind of confusion, frustration or doubt about what diet is right for them. They ask me which one is best. Keto? Plant-based? Paleo? Mediterranean? GAPS? AIP? Whole 30? Low Carb? This is also complicated by the fact that you might have someone in your life right now experiencing positives or negatives from a diet change. You may have a co-worker that is doing keto (high fat, moderate protein, very low carb) and dropping mad weight and at the same time have a family member who went the opposite direction and did Whole Foods Plant-Based (low to moderate fat, low protein, high carb) and is now off meds. They swear it will work for you too. Maybe they're right. Maybe not. I hear a lot of overwhelm around eating which can lead to sticking with the status quo way too long or changing nothing at all. You maintain the same pattern, day in and day out but frustration builds because you just want to FEEL BETTER. I totally get that.

Hippocrates said it best:

My goal in this post is to help you overcome that overwhelm and indecisiveness so you can start to see and feel the results you so desperately want. Together let's forgoe our diet insanity, shall we?

My definition of diet insanity is: when you are eating the same foods in the same way over and over and over yet expecting different results.

Only You Know