Superpower Orange Smoothie - Rainbow Food Series (V, DF, GF, Egg-free, Soy-free)

I've been inspired by all the unique, vibrant and beautiful smoothie pictures on food blogs and instagram lately. I decided it was time to use my imagination and nutrition knowledge to develop a rainbow series of smoothies (and salads in the future) so that everyone can enjoy the powerful, disease-fighting, feel good benefits of each produce color.

To ensure these recipes were delicious, each rainbow smoothie will have the following:

  • veggies for all their healing superpowers!

  • fruit for sweetness

  • fat for absorption and satiety

  • an acid for tartness

  • liquid to add the right texture (but no juice to keep the sugar lower)

  • and lots of gut-loving fiber:)

You can be sure they will ALWAYS be:

  • dairy-free

  • gluten-free

  • vegan