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Fresh Asparagus Soup

I love most vegetables and asparagus is no exception. When I had my first child, a friend brought over a delicious, creamy (read: lots of dairy, cheese and fat) asparagus soup. Fast forward to when we bought our first house...I found asparagus growing in the backyard which made my heart thump and made me love the vegetable even more! This is how my asparagus looked when it was growing in the backyard. Sadly the asparagus didn't make it through some of central Texas' freezes last year so it's time to replant it again!

Thoughts of that creamy soup never left me, but while delicious, I knew there was a better way to honor the flavor of asparagus and my health. Meet this light, flavorful, dairy-free, allergy-friendly, perfect-for-spring, Fresh Asparagus Soup.

Check out the recipe below or view it in Plan To Eat here.

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