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Green Avocado Smoothie (V, DF, GF, Soy-free, Egg-free)

When I planted my first garden in my current home, I researched a hardy winter green for my local area (Central Texas). I decided upon Swiss chard and it is hardy indeed! I nearly ignored it and it just kept showing me love. In fact, after a full growing season, it died back during the winter but then re-sprouted all on its own the next spring. It just kept growing! Inspired by this nutritious and persistent leafy green, I created a yummy smoothie so I could use up some of my Swiss chard bounty. Fats assist in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so I added avocado and chia seeds. These foods also provide ample fiber to help you feel full and stay full, which is a concern when you are drinking a meal, rather than eating it. The lime adds acidity and vitamin C for a fresh flavor.

This is how my Swiss chard looked in my garden.

Check out the recipe below or view it in Plan To Eat here.

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